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Flying in to the garden of knowledge

Handmade tiles and Glass mosaic mural on cement Hardie board, 25' x 6', Garfield School, Cleveland, Ohio 2009. This project was a commission for a brand new building. After I came up with the concept and sketch (little kids in school uniform and bags flying into a garden of flowers and trees made out of letter and number designs), I worked with around 48 students (6-8 graders) from Newton D Baker School to create the garden details. The production and installation of the mural was done in collaboration with artist Allen Kradlak (my studio partner and wizard of preparation work and oops avoidance). It took 1 week for the design and 12 weeks from production to installation. Around 12 of the kids that were part of the design process were also part of the production process. They came once or twice a week and help with whatever was being built. At times, it was a bit exasperating to have teens going around "socializing" in the studio with so much work to do. But they really came to learn and to work and when they did, they did their best. After all, it was their summer vacation. The project was not only very satisfying because of the final result, but also because we met the dealine in our contract to the minute. It was also a great experiece to work in collaboration with another artist for such a long period of time and had only one "fight", over something that at the end we both were wrong.