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At AUGUSTO FINE ART Studio and Art Center, we teach art based on our experience and creative process. We have more than 20 years of creating and teaching art but we are the first to acknowledge that there are many other process to create art as valid as ours. This page has links to other sites that we have reviewed for you and found useful and informative to understand our creative process and the way that other artists create.

Although we have reviewed personally and recommended these sites, we are not responsible for the functioning nor content produced and published on these websites.

Oil Painting Demo

 Painting is a step by step process that anyone can follow. Sometimes, all you need is to get very familiar with the steps to complete a good painting. Here is a crashing course on INDIRECT OIL PAINTING METHOD, which is one of the main two methods of creating an oil painting.

Oil Painting Techniques

 This is a fairly comprehensive site about oil painting techniques and historical references. It is very well organized and you can read the pages as if they were chapters in a book.

Gamblin Oil Painting Techniques

 This is a great website with lots of information about direct and indirect oil painting techniques and easy to navigate. It is a good read if you want to go deeper into the process and painting terms that I teach at the studio. Also, if you have the budget, I will recommend Gamblin Oil Painting Materials. In my opinion, they are one of the best pigments you can find.

Acrylic Painting Techniques & Tutorials

These are video tutorials and articles about acrylic painting techniques. The site also features articles and tutorials for oil, pastel, and watercolor painting. I found the information in the video tutorials to be mostly very helpful for beginner students, but the navigation of the site is a bit chaotic and packed with advertisements.

High Quality Stretched Canvas Supplier

 Knowing to stretch and prime your canvas are basic skills that every artist should know. It really saves the day and money when you are in need of a format hard to find in an art store. But it takes time and effort to do it right. I had to learn them out of nesessity  when I lived in Cuba. After 20 years of doing it, I considered myself pretty skillful at it.  I still stretch and prime my own large and odd size canvases. But lately, I have been very busy and I tried the services of The French Canvas, a company based in New Jersey. I ordered two 5'x7' stretched primed 12 oz canvases (around $600 with shipping). I did a lot of research and hesitated a lot before putting my order through. It took around five days to receive the order and the packaging was very sturdy and protective.The stretcher and stabilizer cross bars were perfect, the canvas was very tight and the corners folded neatly. I must say that as long as I can afford their very competitive prices, I won't stretch another large canvas again. It is small company with no middle man and a great customer services.  

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