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 Since 2006, Augusto Fine Art has helped several of our younger students in the preparation of their art portfolios. We are proud to say that several of them have been succesfully enrolled at prestigious schools such as the Cleveland Institute of Art, Art Institute of Pittsburgh and the College of Architecture and Environmental Design at Kent University. We have also helped some of our students in the launching of new part-time and full-time art careers, or marketing and pricing their work correctly. We do not take the credit for their sucess because their hard work and discipline made them who they are and will determine their future, but we are glad we helped.

 Our doors are open. You can have our honest and constructive point of view for free any time. Just email us your website or schedule an appointment.


AUGUSTO FINE ART // Studio Address: 505 Front Street, Berea, Ohio 44017, USA  // (216) 548 9798

Hours: by appointment only and/or during art classes and public events