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As a gallery owner and artist, I have been at both ends of the same issue: making the right connection.

I, the gallery owner, feel the need to keep myself updated and scouting new artists to bring new experiences to the gallery in order to keep my audience coming back while trying to keep up with all the gallery work, a daily overflow of unsolicited proposals and artist follow-up calls clogging my inboxes. I, the artist, feel the need to keep myself scouting potential galleries constantly while trying to create my art and unintentionally clogging the galleries inboxes.

Making the right connection is a really hard act to balance because most artist don’t have time to research potential galleries or regional market trends thoroughly, and galleries don’t have the time to research the potential great next artist. Thus, serendipity takes care of the connection.

Gallery Connections campaigns, under The Art Fix International banner, are designed to create that moment of serendipitous discovery between artist and galleries. We create visually appealing, customized email promotions targeting galleries with potential affinity to your body of work. Currently, we have a database of more than 1300 fine art American galleries, which we update regularly.

The goal of each campaign is to present the artist’s work in a professional manner to the gallery for the sake of exposure and not seeking representation overtly. We will present a summarized artistic profile in a business-friendly format interesting to a busy gallery owner who needs to know as much information about the artist and his work at a glance such as: average format, average price, availability and quantity of inventory. If the gallery is interested, it will contact the artist directly. In order to increase our success rate, we will research our database and other web-hosted databases and will match your work with a regional market trends or a group of galleries representing artists with work similar to your work.

Although, we design and send the emails, we do not work as an intermediary and do not benefit or charge fees for the resulting connections of our promotional efforts. Each campaign is personalized and goes out using the artist’s own email; therefore all replies go directly to the artist.

We only work with emerging and mid-career artists with a ready-to-show body of work, and a professional commitment to their artistic future.

Pricing is based on the scope of the gallery research, customized gallery list size and campaign length.



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