Studio Time


I know quite well that in order to become good at anything, all you need is hours of practice, space to do it and a minimum amount of resources to get you started. Today, I am able to paint fulltime at my spacious studio and gallery. I have worked really hard to get here but I have had a lot of support from friends and family, specially my wife, and a lot of luck on my side along the way. I remember how difficult and expensive it was to find time and space to do my art some time ago. Life and its responsibilities and priorities got in the way, still does. But if I don't create I go crazy.

That is the main reason that I'm making time, space, equipment and guidance available to artists, creative souls of all kinds and ages and students** to paint and draw alongside me and other peers at my studio during convenient hours for you any day of the week. You will have your own key.

My Studio Time program is a great and affordable option to rent studio space just when you need it. Whether you want to get back to painting, improve your technique, spend a couple of hours away from the noise of life in your own world, or when you feel the musses knocking at your door, this space is what you are looking for you.

Used as my private classroom in the afternoons, the space is connected to my studio. It is located on the first floor, handicap accessible, private bathroom, free Wi-Fi, central air conditioning and heat. It is equipped with 10 large easels, 5 drafting tables, 10 drawing boards, drying racks and more, all available to all program participants. NO SMOKING ALLOWED.

Program space is limited to only 8 participants per day on a first-come-first-served basis. Please, sign up or give us a call/text to reserve space (216) 548-9798 

Program Time: Customized hours Monday-Sunday (2 hour minimum per session and 1 hour minimum increments per session) Key to access classroom space through private entrance.

Artist's Studio Time rates:

Artist fees: $20 per 2-hours session, $10 per additional hour (No instruction, NO SUPPLIES INCLUDED)

Artist Package: $150 per 10 2-hours session, $10 per additional hour (No instruction, NO SUPPLIES INCLUDED)

Artist Unlimited Access: $200 monthly, month to month lease contract, no time restriction day or night except at class time. No instruction, NO SUPPLIES INCLUDED.


AUGUSTO FINE ART // Studio Address: 505 Front Street, Berea, Ohio 44017, USA  // (216) 548 9798

Hours: by appointment only and/or during art classes and public events