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This workshop was recorded during a 1 hour Facebook live painting event. We have edited it into 5 smaller videos that outline the steps in a more convenient manner. Now, it is easier to pause and practice that in the original video. We have also added lots of tips to help you understand the steps.

The videos should be watched in the following order:

1- Creating Structure 

Learn this simple method to lay out the structure of a portrait in a frontal position.

2- Defining Structure 

Start defining the face features on the basic structure that you just created. Add middle tones to start creating volume.

3-Hair Structure 

Learn how to create the structure of the hair. Learn to follow the movement of the layers.

4- Low Tonal Values

Learn how to paint low tonal values on your portrait to add volume and dramatic effects.

5- High Tonal Values

Paint high tonal values in your portrait to add volume and finishing details. 

Monochromatic Portrait Painting for Beginners

  • Copyright 2020 Augusto Fine Art

    All the educational materials, worksheets and videos included in this lesson must only be used for individual learning. Any reproduction, distribution, use or public showing of this product is completely forbidden without written consent by its copyright holder, Augusto Fine Art or agencies representing artist Augusto Bordelois.

    If you have purchased or leased this lesson directly at and plan to use it at a group or classroom setting.  Please contact Augusto Fine Art at or call (2160 548-9798 in order to obtain a group or classroom license.

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