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When I was younger and had dreams of becoming a “successful” artist. I imagined a glamorous tormented, promiscuous party-all-the-time life style – movies do that to you. College ended and yet, I did not have a clue what success really meant. I did not know any professional artist who could explain to me the amount of work, sweat, discipline and business acumen involved beyond the constant perfection of your craft to be able to attain and sustain a glimpse of “success” – whatever that means. Needless to say, I failed so many times trying to find the way, but kept on learning and experimenting until I got to who I am now: a fairly happy professional artist who is able to put food on the table and pay the bills with my artistic skills. “Success”?

Lately, I have been  invited to do workshops and talks with high schools students, college art students and emerging and mid-career artists about how to make a living as a professional artist. These blog entries are based on questions generated during those workshops, talks and my experience during the last 25 years as a professional artist.

I welcome you to leave comments or contact me with questions. I don’t know if I will have a great helpful answer but I assure you that it will be an honest one.