They know that he knows that they know that he is the Man

He drives a big expensive car.

He owns a big boat, a private jet, a space shutter, oil wells, two oceans, half of Jupiter and a super mall chain.

She says, “I love you”, but she doesn’t look at his face.

She looks at the wings that might protect her someday.

She is young and pretty. She knows what she wants.

She won’t fool him. He is too old and has seen it all.

He fought many wars and still defends his castle everyday.

He won’t fool her. He won’t say, “I love you too” and she understands.

He doesn’t have time to waste and deals is what he makes. 

“Take or leave it. It’s my way or the highway,” he says. 

She takes it.

She won’t see the highway again.

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