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Artist Statement 

I have heard many times that certain people, like me, are born to be artists. They say we are gifted, talented, special and it goes on and on. Some of them can even prove scientifically that we are genetically marked to be successful. Others say that we were marked by a star at birth or that God touched us in one of his mysterious ways.

I used to believe all of it. The feeling that I was specially gifted kept me going for a long time. Reviews in the newspapers and the applause of the audience at the gallery seemed to reinforce every single “fact.” The struggle for perfection, for my own style and voice, for getting up THERE (whatever that means) were the winds in my sails. I was growing up in a fast process of trying to fulfill everyone’s expectations, while listening to my inner-self. Finally, step by step, pushing a little further every time, I got HERE (whatever that means) and I didn’t prove or accomplish anything, but I guess I grew up. One day, I realized that I was as gifted as my neighbor, the bricklayer.

My works are created in the same way he builds a wall; brick by brick. I take care of the priming of my canvas, the background layers, the texture, composition and colors, as good as, he takes care of the foundation, structure, vertical levels and cement mixture. We are awfully careful with every single detail. We are professionals. We know that success will be only achieved if we use the right materials, the right position, the right tools, experience, tricks, skills and a lot of sweat and hard work.

We take care of each brick. We don’t like walls falling down.

Augusto C. Bordelois

Resume (Summary)

Augusto C. Bordelois (Havana, Cuba, 1969) graduated from the University of Havana with a major in Translation and Interpretation of English Language and Literature. He has also studied sculpture, ceramics, costume design for theatre and cinema, classical drawing and painting.

His visual artwork has been awarded much recognition in Cuba as well as competitions in the United States. He has participated in more than 130 national and international group shows and 34 solo exhibitions. Some of his works are in private collections in Cuba, the United States, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Ecuador, Japan, Greece, Germany, Chile, Switzerland, England and Norway. His work is also part of the permanent collection of Cleveland Marshall College of Law / Cleveland State University and The Artists Archives of the Western Reserve (AAWR). 

Augusto’s literary works have been published in magazines such as Kastello, and Hojas Literarias (Spain). He has also written and illustrated short stories for children and teacher activities’ guides. He was the founder and main teacher of “Taller de Niños” (Children’s Studio) at 23 & 12 Art Center in Havana, and also the co-founder of the multimedia marketing company “2 Pasos.” He co-founded and co-directed “Proyecto Horizontal”, a partnership of 65 Cuban artists, in which capacity he was invited to curate and present a group show at Cleveland State University 1999.  Between 2002 and 2005, he was the founder and editor of The Art Fix – an electronic weekly newsletter that showcased and promoted local, national and international artists.Augusto has participated as a costume and float designer at different carnivals in Cuba and also at Parade the Circle in Cleveland, Ohio. He has assisted in landscape designs of public spaces, coordinated community art programs and created many public art pieces across Ohio.

Augusto is a teaching artist at the Center for Arts-inspired Learning (previously known as Young Audiences of Northeast Ohio), The Art House and the Ohio Arts Council. He has served as a board member at Near West Theater, and the Center for Arts-inspired Learning. He is a member of CSU’s Cleveland Arts Education Consortium Diversity Committee. He has been featured as a guest lecturer at Cleveland State University and Baldwin Wallace University.


Currently, he owns and directs Augusto Fine Art Studio and Art Center in Berea, Ohio.


- Exhibition Prize, CAN Triennial, Ohio, USA


- Best Painting, 74th Ohio Annual Exhibition, Zanesville Museum of Art, Ohio, USA

- Best of Show, The NewNow 2016, Cleveland, Ohio, USA


- Best of Show, 2015 Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition, Columbus, Ohio, USA


- 2nd Runner Up, The NewNow 2014, Cleveland, Ohio, USA 

- Best of Show, 2003 Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition, Columbus, Ohio, USA.
- Ohio Arts Council Special Award, 2003 Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition. Ohio, USA
- Honorable Mention, The National Arts Program, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
- San Alejandro Academy Painting Award, Havana, Cuba.
- Servando Cabrera Moreno Special Mention, Havana, Cuba.
- First Mention, 4th National Juan David Salon, Havana, Cuba.
- Servando Cabrera Painting Award, Havana, Cuba.
- First Mention, 2nd National Juan David Salon, Havana, Cuba.

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