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Art Lessons

This is an unique opportunity to learn or improve your drawing and painting technique with hands-on, step-by-step professional instructions in a studio environment. You will learn at your own pace the things that you would like to learn. You don’t have to paint a pot of flowers when your interest is portrait painting. I will teach you  to improve your drawing based on what you are interest in painting. Classes are available for any level of experience. You can experience an exciting and fun class in a group or one-on-one session. 
All students, studio and online students will have access to all of my online video lessons. You will need to become a website member for me to give you access to the lessons though. Membership are free.
Group Lessons students who bring their own supplies must use Code ArtSupplies to get a $20 discount at checkout.

Take your art to the next level and join a class today!

I'm also available to do school and off-site workshops and art residencies.

Young Painter

  Art Lessons Gift Card  

Paint Tubes


These are recommended art supplies for drawing and painting classes. We provide art supplies, if you don't want to bring in yours though.

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