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Online Lessons

 We offer a variety of customized live online private and group classes for all levels. All of our live classes are recorded and accessible to participating students for a month after the day of the class.

We offer access to all our prerecorded demonstration workshops that you can buy individually.

These video lessons go beyond a YouTube demo video. Our lessons are full with step by step instructions, tips and downloadable worksheets to help you develop your skills step by step. 

Our  lessons are designed for you to learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home.  If you buy any of our online services, you would have access to free feedback regarding your work. Just send us an image, short video or we can connect via Zoom. We are here to help you learn.

We offer live private and group online lessons.

 Video Lessons Library

Skull Sketches

Portrait Drawing

Lesson 1

Human Sketch

Portrait Drawing

Lesson 2

Paint Brushes

Portrait Painting

Beginners 1


Portrait Painting

Beginners 2

Painting Outside

Basic Landscape

Painting 1

Art Class

Imagination Creations

Anime Drawing

Developing Manga Characters

Screenshot 2020-09-17 17.25.29.png

African Inspired  Masks


New Lesson coming soon

Painting Outside

New Lesson Coming Soon

Dirty Paintbrushes

Basic Landscape Painting 2

Oil Painting

Basic Landscape Painting 3

Artist with Paintbrushes

Oil Landscape Painting 1

Scattered Paintbrushes

Indirect Painting Method 1

Artist at Work

Indirect Painting Method 2

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