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Our One-on One Coaching are not unlike private lessons, the difference is that you’ll play an active role setting the agenda and driving the conversation. Your artwork and your goals are the subject. We provide the structure and coaching to help you focus your energy and strengthen your ideas. We will evaluate a sample of your portfolio materials, web and other promotional materials, help you price your work fairly, help you set realistic goals and brainstorm different strategies to accomplish your goals. Following this meeting and per your request, we will assess your most pressing needs and you will receive a proposal for working together with suggested next steps and timeline.

Coaching meetings are set up in increments of 1-2 hours and provide on-going guidance and feedback for artists as they pursue their goals. Some artists schedule a one time meeting or a couple of monthly meetings, others check in 3-4 times each year.

Artists use these coaching sessions to work through creative impasses, set goals, check-in, get critical feedback on work, brainstorm new directions, seek advice on balancing art and life, get guidance on marketing plans, plan, stoke the creative fires, etc. This type of coaching provides a great way for artists who have been out of the studio for awhile to structure their return to regular studio practice, and for practicing artists to share ideas with an experienced resource.

One-on One Coaching sessions will take place at Augusto Fine Art Studio and Art Center, at your studio or via Skype.

This sessions are free to students currently enrolled in our art programs since we constantly advice and coach our students interested in pursuing a full-time or part time career in the arts.

The price of the sessions is $25 per hour.

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