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Fine Art


I believe that the price of art is what the market pays for it removed from critic’s hype or artistic ego. The price of my paintings follow a numeric pattern based on an averaged price per square inch from my last ten sales. For instance, currently, my (unframed, oil on canvas) artwork sells around $2.50 per square inch.

Augusto Fine Art Studio prices depend on dimensions of the work and composition details. Commissioning a painting by artist Augusto Bordelois is a straightforward process. It will work out this way:

Step 1:  You choose the dimension of the piece (thus the price that fit your budget.)

Step 2:  You choose the theme (based on my paintings and style, email me a paragraph with your vision and preferences – color, orientation of the composition, etc. or we can talk about that over the phone.)

Step 3: After we get on the same page regarding the vision of the work that you want me to create, and we agree on the delivery and payment schedule, we’ll draft and sign a simple letter of agreement and you pay 25 % of total price as a down-payment.

Step 4: I will do several sketches and email them to you for your approval. After approval of the final concept, you pay down another 25% of total price. (The sketches are my property and are not included in the final delivery, but this is negotiable.)

Step 5: I will start to work on the painting and keep you updated about the progress by email.

Step 6: I will finish the painting and email you an image of the finished artwork for your approval. After approval, you pay the remaining 50%.

Step 7: I will insure and mail painting to you. I assume mailing and insurance costs if you live in the continental USA; if you live outside USA, we will share mailing and insurance cost.

The whole process will take around 1-3 months depending on the size of the painting and the approval of the final concept. 

When working with me, I hope you would realize that commissioning a piece is not only a very rewarding process because you get to be part of the creation process and can see the work developing. It is also very affordable because you don’t have to pay all the money upfront and you can set your own payment schedule.

Thanks a lot for your interest in my work and contact us if you have any questions.

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